Welcome to Prøject Wøman

Where you can find your flow as a woman, wherever you are in life.

About Prøject Wøman

Since 2019, Prøject Wøman has supported hundreds of women in overcoming their outdated, low-energy, and hard approach to health beliefs, changing the way they see, feel and treat themselves.

Whether you are tracking your monthly cycle and want to find out more, feeling the fluctuations of perimenopause and needing support through the transition, or wanting to find your feet in menopause (or menapplause as we like to call it), Prøject Wøman exists to create the space you need that encourages you to create the time you need to live greater than you ever thought possible.

Find the support, intelligence, and motivation to create conversations in-person or online with a dynamic, influential community that will listen to you every step of the way.

Be part of the lifelong project that is your female health.

Welcome to Prøject Wøman


Hi, I am Abi, Founder of Prøject Wøman.


Join a growing community of vibrant, dynamic women wanting more and feeling greater for it.

We have you covered in every part of your health and wellness journey with our simple yet refreshing option that brings everything together instead of separating what makes us happy as women.

Welcome you gorgeous woman, this is the space your feminine health has been looking for!

This community plan has been created to support you in putting your health first so that everything else comes easily; work, family, and happiness. This is an empowering and supportive space for women at every stage of life. 

For just £16.50 per month or £178 per year, you will get access to the many benefits of the collective including support from Abi Adams and other health professionals, dedicated chat spaces that focus on period health, perimenopause, and menoplause (we think you should be applauded at this stage of life, not paused), a wellness toolbox filled with music, movement and more, monthly events and workshops, a culture section to fire up that colourful side of life, and discounts on retreats and workshops. 

We can't wait to see you inside this phenomenal space ❤️